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About Us

BancPartner was created to address the challenges that banks faced in 2001 with the Bank Secrecy Act and with anti-money laundering issues. Founded by an experienced banker with AML credentials, BancPartner quickly became the source that community banks looked to for BSA / AML assistance.

New Challenges, New Solutions.

Today, locally owned and managed financial institutions face not only the BSA and AML compliance challenge, but also face a competitive challenge. From larger nationally–based competitors to non-traditional competitors, like Internet-based lending circles and online banks offering high-rate deposit accounts, banks have an ever-increasing set of competitors. The need to be effective against these competitors on a local, regional, and national basis has never been greater.

As an answer to this challenge, BancPartner has expanded over time to provide better, more comprehensive services to financial institutions in the areas of anti-money laundering, technical vulnerability assessments, construction loan management software, ACH Origination software, and even creative services such as website and search marketing.

Experience Counts.

The BancPartner staff has professionals with years of combined experience in banking, technology, and creative services. You can depend on BancPartner working to improve your presence with local, regional, and national customers. Ask us about a planning meeting today. Your new partner is just a phone call away!