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For OFAC Partner Classic, Click Here.

OFAC Partner Online allows you to easily, securely, and cost-effectively perform the following searches:

  • Single name searches of the OFAC list
  • Database or file name searches of the OFAC List
  • Database or file name searches of the FinCEN 314_a list
  • Search input can be from a variety of sources including CIF databases, ACH Origination files, Wire Transfer files and more.


The Most Current Search Software.

Because OFAC Partner Online is securely hosted, you have access to the most current OFAC list and use of the most current software without the need to download and install updates. This allows OFAC Partner Online to remain current with regulatory developments as they occur, including being able to search OFAC screening indicators for inbound ACH IAT transactions.

The Easiest To Use.

The number one comment we receive from bankers who have used other search software and switched to OFAC Partner Online is that our software is easier to use than the products they were formerly using.

The Best Value in the Industry.

OFAC Partner Online offers the best value in the industry. Since OFAC Partner Online is hosted online, support issues are greatly reduced – as long as you can get on the Internet, chances are good that you’ll be able to use our software. And because OFAC Partner Online has fewer support issues, we are able to price it competitively against our largest competitors. Plus we offer live telephone support.

Reporting Forms Included.

Instructions and forms are included to assist you with required government reporting in the event that you have a hit.

We'll Help.

We’ll assist you with configuring the initial file import routine of your names database so that you spend less time setting up and configuring the software and more time working on compliance efforts.

Regulatory Solutions, Easy and Accountable!

For OFAC Partner Online, Click Here.

OFAC Partner performs OFAC and FinCEN 314_a searches on single names and database names you import into the software. The software is installed locally and runs on your systems. Features of the software include:

  • Runs on Your Computers – Installs and runs in-house.
  • Logs All Searches - providing for easier compliance documentation.
  • One Click Update - No need to download files with a password and do installations for the new OFAC list, our one click update allows you to receive the most up to date OFAC list with a single click of your mouse (requires appropriate internet connection).
  • ACH Origination File Search - Search your ACH origination files for potential OFAC matches with our NACHA compliant search software.
  • Reporting Forms Included - In the event you have an OFAC hit, instructions and forms are included to assist you with required government reporting.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Option - Allows your staff to log large currency and wire transfer transactions enabling you to search for structured transactions or suspicious account activity. Includes CTR and SAR reporting forms.
  • We'll Help - We help you by customizing to your core data processing system, saving you time and effort. PLUS we offer live telephone and online support should you need technical support.
  • Easiest to Use – OFACPartner is the easiest search software to use in the industry.